Hi everyone and welcome to my world! 

I’m Giulia, an adventure seeker, sunshine lover, power yogi and wellness enthusiast.
In a nutshell: an energetic, big hearted Italian girl currently based in Asia!

Yoga teacher, triathlete, content creator and travel organiser!
My hope is to give you a taste of my life, and inspire you to get out there and take it all in with your own eyes.

I want to share with you 10 THINGS about me:

1) “Wanderlust” is my creed and also a tattoo on my body :)
I am passionate about exploring new places and cultures and seeking out adventure at every corner!

2) I created my blog Bitter Funny Life in 2013 to share my passions: travel, sport, yoga and wellness. I am writing for those of you who, like me, can’t resist exploring and wish to do it more. This blog is aimed at sharing my own very personal experiences, as bitter, or as funny as they may be.

3) As a Yoga teacher, I find energy and mind space through the asana practice no matter where the corporate lifestyle and busy daily life take me. Yoga has been such an amazing addition to my life, for both physical and mental well-being! During my classes I combine challenging flows, core work, alignments and traditional teachings techniques, helping students to build deep body awareness and strength. Check here to see my Yoga schedule!

4) I love swimming, trail running and cycling!
 I compete in triathlons (I’ve recently done the Ironman 70.3 in Langkawi and got 2nd in my AG) and I strongly believe anything is possible with the right mindset, support and determination. Feel free to contact me to know my training schedule if you wish to join! I can help you creating a proper personalised training and fitness plan.

5) I organise Yoga and Adventure retreats with the purpose or creating special memories and live INTENSELY this one and magic life that we have! EXPLORE, CONNECT, EXPERIENCE.

6) I have a bachelor degree and master in Marketing and Communications. I worked for big E-commerce and brand companies for the past 5 years and I love Digital Marketing! This is an area I continue to develop for my own projects and assisting others who require support with their personal or business adventures.

7) I was born in Turin in 1991 and even though I come from the North, I can't live without sun, ocean and hot weather! I’ve always been infatuated with Asia, reason why I'm living between Singapore and Phuket right now.

8) A few reasons why I love Singapore: multi-ethnic city, hot weather all over the year (no more frozen fingers and nose eheh), perfect springboard to further explore South East Asia, really close to Bali (many of the best yoga workshops in the area), amazing running tracks in the jungle and great combination of nature and big city.

9) I love tattoos, for me it is a way of self-expression. I have many and one of my favorite is the world map that is on my back.

10) Food is our fuel, and also a source of pleasure! A few obsessions I have: açai bowl, pineapple, dark chocolate, roasted pumpkin, hummus and French fries!!
And I have to admit... that I don't like avocado!

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Let’s live our life to the fullest. Let’s make the most of this wonderful bitter and funny life together.

Explore, Connect, Experience!

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